Videos zur Grinberg Methode®

Sendung „Thema“ – Ausschnitt vom 21.09.2015

Ausschnitt aus der Sendung Thema v 21.09.2015 über chronische Schmerzen. U.a. über die Grinberg Methode.

Avi Grinberg, Berlin interview, 2012, Grinberg Method (mit Untertiteln) 

Avi Grinberg, founder of the Grinberg Method® speaks with journalist Cinnamon Nippard. In this interview (brought to you by the IAGMP…

Avi Grinberg talks about chronic pain (mit Untertiteln)

An excerpt from a talk given by Avi Grinberg about chronic pain. Transforming the parts of pain for which we can be responsible is a basic concept of the Gri…

Avi Grinberg talks about fear

An excerpt about fear from a talk given by Avi Grinberg on the power of fear and pain in people’s lives…

Grinberg Method, Avi Grinberg talks about personal history

An excerpt from a talk given by Avi Grinberg about personal history. Not allowing your past to define your future is one of the concepts of the Grinberg Method.

Marta, recovering from polio with the Grinberg Method (mit Untertiteln)

Marta de la Hoz explains how through the Grinberg Method she fought to „get back“ the arm she lost to polio as a baby. 45 year later, thanks to sessions of the Grinberg…

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