About me

From a young age, I wanted to be as independent and free as possible. With this method, I have found a way to be myself more and more. More free, clearer, more powerful and easier to deal with everything that life brings. Independently of my own conditioning.

And I can enable others to do the same through this profession. Because no matter what someone wants to achieve in his life – learning to get rid of pain sustainably, developing himself further or achieving a specific goal – it is always a step out of the familiar. And I can accompany him on this path.

I have been fascinated by nature and wilderness since I was a child. Today, I want to support the life in living things. In nature, in my garden, in people. To touch the “real” core in people and encourage them to let their lives be guided more by their original, individual nature. Because living a life that corresponds to one’s own nature is fulfilling and brings well-being.

My curriculum vitae

I grew up on a farm in Upper Styria, and from the age of 14 I attended the 5-year tourism school in Klessheim in Salzburg.

In my youth I followed the call of the wilderness: at the age of 17-19 I spent 3 summers as a canoe guide in Sweden, where I led my groups through uninhabited wild areas for a week at a time. I also gained experience as a tour guide in France.

After graduating from high school, I spent 4 months working in a lodge in the wild Alaskan backcountry. A summer with Indians, bush pilots, moose, wolves and mosquitoes!

This was followed by years of tourism-related jobs in catering, incoming, seminar and event organization at the Wella company.

After a car accident, I came to the Grinberg Method® by chance.

When I decided to become fully self-employed as a Grinberg practitioner, I decided to walk the Way of St. James alone, 900 km.

The training to become a Grinberg practitioner consists of 3 levels and lasts at least 4 years. Accompanied by many supervisions in which the actual work with my own clients is reviewed.

2007 Graduation with the diploma as a qualified practitioner

2007-today: Ongoing further training (at least once a year) with Avi Grinberg and Ruth Elkana in Switzerland and Spain. Including recovery, back, nerves, muscles, thinking, will, intensives, trauma and childhood abuse, working with groups…

Throughout the years private lessons and supervisions with teachers of the Grinberg Method® and Avi Grinberg.

2006-2008 several times assistant at the training to become a practitioner of the Grinberg Method®

2016-2019 guest at the training weeks for practitioners of the Grinberg Method® with Inge Scheid and Avi Grinberg.

I have been working full-time as a Grinberg Method® practitioner since 2004 and am now the mother of two children.