I had a slipped disc and was already desperate because my pain was only slowly getting better. The sessions really accelerated my healing. Now I can move again without pain and stand without any effort, even for long periods of time.

I am very happy that I can continue to do my job, even if it is not exactly back-friendly.

Johann, 45 years

My awareness of my body has been awakened and I am learning to perceive my emotions and feelings more clearly in my body. I can express myself more clearly when something is bothering me and feel clearer and freer in contact with others and more at ease with myself.

Claudia, 34 years

The fear as a power workshop helped me for school! Thank you!

Thomas, 14 years

I had problems sleeping after an accident. After a session in which I was finally able to relax again, my sleep was as problem-free as before the accident.

Dominik, 26 years

Dear Ingrid, thank you for being so sensitive and yet persistent in unearthing what I don’t want to admit to myself. I see many things in my life much more clearly and go through life much more easily. I feel I have arrived within myself!

Lisa, 30 years

I can only say good things about the Grinberg Method. It relieves tension and helps to loosen hidden muscles and create a release in the general physical and mental state. Thank you Mrs. Perner!

Monika, 58 years

Since the breathing workshop, I sleep much more deeply and wake up very refreshed!

Andrea, 49 years

My menstruation was always torture and the days leading up to it were so moody that they were torture for me and those around me. I now have a completely relaxed approach to these feelings and moods. And all that remains of my severe pain is a slight pulling sensation, which usually only lasts ½ day. Thank you!!! The time of monthly suffering is over!

Susanne, 33 years

The shoulder workshop was great! My shoulder girdle is much less tense.

Manfred, 63 years

I came to Ingrid through a friend and I am thrilled and can only recommend her!

Simone, 23 years

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