One on One sessions

Individual sessions are focused work on your individual goal, which we work on together. One of my main tools is touch, as a direct language with the body.

What happens in sessions?

The most important part of the first lesson is the consultation and foot analysis. This is about discussing your concerns and agreeing on a specific goal. We find out how the restriction you want to end manifests itself in your body.

And of course it is also important that I get all the relevant health information from you. The foot analysis helps me to get a better impression of you. The feet literally show “how you go through life” – where there is too much effort in the body, which areas are rather weak, etc.

A process – from “understanding” in the head to direct experience in the body

In the following sessions, the focus is on working with the body. We bring your attention more and more to the areas of the body that hurt, are tense and are involved in the pattern. You learn to feel how you create the restriction in your body so that you can influence it. In this way, you learn to control them so that you can let them go. All the energy that was tied up in the effort is now released again.

The “how” is the relevant point and not the “why” you have the unwanted states. It is of no use to anyone to know that they have tension because they stress themselves too much if they cannot release their stress. Or that there is no point in wallowing in one´s worries instead of sleeping peacefully or why one does this if one can’t manage to calm down.

It is important to learn the “how”. Because if I can clearly feel how I do it, I can also change it and leave it out and thus achieve my goals – freedom from pain, calm, relaxation, clarity, self-confidence, etc.

My main tool for directing your attention is touch. However, you are not passive, as with a massage, but actively participate and are also guided by me through instructions.

The new physical state you achieve in the sessions and what you learn will accompany you in your everyday life and you will be able to integrate it more and more.

How does a process work?

A process consists of regular sessions that are focussed towards the personal goal and build on each other. Between sessions, the body increasingly integrates what it has learned – the new physical state. In everyday life, your attention is increasingly focused on the relevant areas of your body.

You are more aware of what you are doing, thinking and feeling in situations that have been chosen for “practicing”. In some cases, clients are also given specific exercises.

The duration of a process depends on the goal, the body and how well and quickly you can integrate what has been done in the sessions. You will usually notice a change after just a few sessions.

One session (60 min) is EUR 90.-

Online sessions

You don’t live nearby or are only here temporarily? No problem! The heart of the Grinberg Method® is attention in the body. And this also works very well online. The sessions are just as individually tailored as with touch. The sessions take place online via video.

A big advantage of working online is that we can also do a session at short notice if a pain or unpleasant condition arises acutely.

What do I need

  • a stable internet connection
  • an undisturbed space
  • a yoga mat or similar to lie on
  • a blanket to cover yourself


An intensive is a short process – 2 to 5 days – in which you work very focused and intensively on a topic or area. This is either relevant if you want to take a big step in a short time or if you are only in my area for a short time.

During this time, you will have 2 sessions a day and will also need time to rest and do some training in between. A mixed form combined with your online process is also possible.

We will discuss together whether an Intensive is suitable for your needs.