Scars – when marks remain

Scars – both external and internal – are often a place in the body where a lot of energy remains tied up. The event – accident, operation, birth – was usually associated with a lot of fear and pain. Scars can cause pain or be numb, trigger pain and disorders in other areas and impair the body’s function. You no longer feel as you did before the event.

In the process, the body is helped to process what has happened and to fully regenerate. Pain can be reduced. Numb areas can become fully sensitive again. Adhesions can be released. And the area and those connected to it can work better again.

Example: A client comes in after a caesarean section with a feeling of weakness in her abdomen and a painful pull in the scar to the right pelvic bone. She has also had knee pain and also back pain after the operation. In the sessions she learns to relaxe the effort she makes to protect her stomach. She learns to physically let go of the shock that this operation was for her. The external and internal scar is gently stimulated and the areas around are relaxed. She feels her stomach more and the numbness and dullness disappears. Her stomach feels more normal again and she feels more like herself again. In the process she learns to let go of the overtensed muscles and tendons in her low abdomen and at the base of her legs. She moves her legs differently again and her knee pain disappears. She can stand upright again without effort, which gives her low back a big relief.