Unlocking hidden potential through the body.

We are much more than we think we are. Most of the time we try to solve challenges with the qualities we trust the most. Here are 2 examples: Many people trust their minds the most. They try to understand everything and then feel more secure, in control of the situation. But no approach is always the right one, so it can be that wanting to understand gets in the way of letting go of the feeling. Or trust, rest, etc.

Other people trust that they can put up with anything anyway. And overlook the opportunity to say no or stop. And exhaust themselves by always putting up with it.

The more we land back in our bodies, the more we have access to our full potential again. We have often been criticized for our qualities in the past and have become accustomed to them – you are too curious, too resolute, too funny, too wild…

Many people also start a Grinberg process because they want to promote and develop a certain potential. Often also due to a professional need, e.g. to increase the ability to concentrate, to negotiate confidently, to speak freely on stage, to learn to delegate, to create a calming atmosphere in stressful situations with children, animals….

By consciously experiencing how we stand in the way of our qualities and learning to stop doing so, we can engage with ourselves and our potential in a new way.