Workshop details


Joachim – a musician all his life, has been strongly inspired by top-class sport in his approach to practicing.

  • How do I build up my musical training? Breaking up pieces sensibly in order to reach your goal quickly when practicing.
  • Which physical skills need to be improved? E.g. speed in the fingers…
  • Comparison of muscle building for skiers and other top athletes…

Ingrid – for 20 years she has been helping people to achieve their goals and improve their physical well-being.

  • What conditions prevent me from practicing efficiently? E.g. stress in my head, fear of making mistakes, doggedness, eternal procrastination, tension…
  • Physical limitations that hinder me, e.g. stiff neck, tension in the hands… and how do I train to overcome these limitations?
  • How can I become more efficient by reducing pressure and tension?
  • Free breathing – makes all body systems work better!
  • How can I increase my concentration level in the most relaxed way possible?
  • Music as a life goal: Necessary health prevention so that an intensive life on and with the instrument is also possible in the long term and as pain-free as possible.
  • Which lifestyle will help me achieve my goal?

The workshop is very practically oriented, with lots of physical exercises to be able to implement the individual contexts.

Joachim develops exercise plans together with the participants based on their own pieces.

Duration: 7 hours teaching time.