I may not be able to change
how much time my life has,
but how much life my time has!

Current workshops


  • More energy, concentration and performance
  • Feel well and be pain-free
  • Free breathing
  • Be able to deal with the demands of life in a more relaxed way
  • Get out of the worry loop, find your way out of anxiety and panic
  • Be able to rest and sleep well
  • Leave burdens from the past behind you
  • Clarity in difficult aspects of your life

Live a life that matches your potential!

There are many reasons why people come to me. Very often it is when they have reached the point where they cannot go on as before. Pain has been medically cleared, but it keeps coming back; conditions have become too restrictive to tolerate or ignore any longer. Time is running out and you are living “beside yourself”.

Something has to change!

  • Tension
  • Acute pain
  • Chronic pain – back, head, digestion, knees, menstruation…
  • Restricted movement
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Hands falling asleep
  • Nerve problems
  • Scars
  • Recover after birth, accident and illness
  • Vertigo, dizziness
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Nervousness, restlessness
  • Noise in the head
  • Stress
  • Beliefs and moods that color your life
  • Panic attacks and anxiety
  • Pent-up anger, resentment, unsolved issues with other people, that you would like to get rid of
  • Dysfunctions – thyroid, hormones, nerves, digestion…

The reasons for a process are as varied as the people!

I offer a way to a
more sustainable
well-being and
a more fulfilling

Why the Grinberg Method®?

Personal freedom means that I can be and react in the moment in the way that best suits my full potential. And this is not always the same and certainly not preconceived. Most of the time, we react out of our patterns and routines. We believe we are like this and are content with it. For example, we try to avoid anything that could embarrass us or make us nervous. Or that we take our frequent bad moods for granted. Or that we firmly believe that we are not important and that nobody cares about our opinion. We also often simply accept physical conditions such as shortness of breath, dizziness and a shaky voice.

Humans are creatures of habit; we unconsciously and automatically repeat patterns from our past. We also often live under constant pressure to be something, to fulfill expectations. All of this limits us greatly.

Not only in what we do, but also in how we are, feel and think as we cope with the demands of life. We use ourselves, and therefore our bodies, in unconsciously recurring patterns and loops. We restrict our breathing in the same way, tense our muscles in the same way, are in the same stress level, feel the same moods again and again, and use our perception in the same way.

I can teach you to consciously feel, control and let go of your unconscious patterns in your physical experience. All the energy that you have invested in these efforts, often for years, is now freely available to you! And your body is smart enough to use it to heal and live your potential that was hidden by your patterns. New ways of feeling, thinking and doing come to the surface and your life becomes fresher and more like you want it to be.

The Grinberg Method® is the most efficient way to greater well-being and a more fulfilling life that I know.

It is an integrative, dynamic training of body awareness. Because your body knows what it needs to feel good. And it knows best, how to bring your individual potential into the world. Living this wisdom requires attention. Much of our pain and discomfort comes from how we use our bodies in our daily lives. Our recurring unconscious patterns are usually full of effort and limitations for the body. It puts up with a lot, but sooner or later it hurts… But we don’t feel how we create the pain or discomfort. We usually look for reasons on the outside. We bring attention to the experience in the body and explore the sources and connections that lead to the pain. The more we focus our energy and attention, the easier it is for your body to finally do what it wants to do – get back into balance and regenerate.

The body in all his aspects is the most direct door to the human being. Unlike our mind, it cannot lie to us and cannot fool us. Touch is the language that our body understands and I use it to communicate with the body and not to “treat” it. Guidance and instructions also help to bring our full attention out of our usual “loops” and into the physical experience. This allows new qualities and experiences that we normally “block”.

We are much more than we think we are. Most of the time we try to solve challenges with the qualities we trust the most. Here are 2 examples: Many people trust their minds the most. They try to understand everything and then feel more secure, in control of the situation. But no approach is always the right one, so it can be that wanting to understand gets in the way of letting go of the feeling. Or trust, rest, etc.

Other people trust that they can put up with anything anyway. And overlook the opportunity to say no or stop. And exhaust themselves by always putting up with it.

The more we land back in our bodies, the more we have access to our full potential again. We have often been criticized for our qualities in the past and have become accustomed to them – you are too curious, too resolute, too funny, too wild…

Many people also start a Grinberg process because they want to promote and develop a certain potential. Often also due to a professional need, e.g. to increase the ability to concentrate, to negotiate confidently, to speak freely on stage, to learn to delegate, to create a calming atmosphere in stressful situations with children, animals….

By consciously experiencing how we stand in the way of our qualities and learning to stop doing so, we can engage with ourselves and our potential in a new way.

Our past has shaped us, but we are not the product of our past!

As learning beings, we literally soak up our environment as children – and even later. Our gait, our posture, our vocal melody – many things resemble our family. However, this is not genetic, but only unconsciously copied. Role models, teachers and friends are also often copied. But we also adopt moods, attitudes, opinions and attitudes without realizing it. That’s just the way it is. Like tinted sunglasses, if we wear them long enough, we no longer notice that we are looking through tinted glasses, the world is just like that. It is often drastic experiences that shape us. For example, we have been betrayed and conclude that it is better not to trust anyone. Sometimes intense feelings remain in us after a traumatic experience. For example, fear after an accident, anger or despair.

We often get in our own way and often make ourselves ill. Our body wants to be able to be itself, without the old baggage!

We can learn to break out of old loops! Split-off, “undigested” aspects and feelings can be released by bringing them into a focused experience.

The body cannot lie! The mind does it all the time. The body is the most efficient door to our history, because it does NOT lie to us. Our mind is constantly playing around with our memory, whether we like it or not. It interprets, mixes what we have told with what we have experienced, etc. In addition, the mind can only remember a fraction of what we have stored in our bodies as experiences.

The aim is not to understand the past, but to let go of what still restricts us today!

Nature is efficient, if our feelings were useless, we wouldn’t have them!

Many of our feelings are unpopular – fear, anger, jealousy… we have to make a lot of effort not to feel them when they are there. Many things have been taken away from us. In our culture, for example, many women become desperate when they are actually angry. They have not learned to use anger and rage constructively. But all these feelings actually have a use. We react with them, we are in resonance with the world. We need our anger, for example, to set ourselves apart from something or to assert ourselves in certain situations. But we very often push them away. And then like a pressure cooker, we explode in situations where it is not necessary.

If we learn to physically experience our feelings again through the body, without criticizing and interpreting them, we can integrate the power in the respective feelings and use it for ourselves. Then we can learn to feel again how it authentically fits the situation, without bringing old emotional baggage into the here and now.

We usually experience fear as a restrictive, unpleasant state – panic, nervousness, insecurity, … we turn it into an enemy. But it is exactly the opposite! It is an absolutely fundamental function of our being that keeps us alive. Fear is what makes us pay attention in traffic, what makes us take precautions, what warns us of dangers.

We are an anti-fear society, nobody wants it. But this approach doesn’t work, because as the health statistics and sales figures of the pharmaceutical industry show, the number of various anxiety problems is exploding. But fear could also be experienced in a completely different way, as a powerful force that allows us to be alert, clear and responsive in the here and now. This is precisely why sports such as climbing are so popular. Because when you are hanging on the wall and the next step determines your survival, most people ultimately reach a state in which they can feel themselves intensely and their head is calm and clear.

The here and now wins over inner dialogs and moods. Why not experience this state in normal life too? How can we do this without putting ourselves in danger and exhausting ourselves? By getting to know and letting go of our sometimes unconscious reactions to fear. And by learning to consciously engage with the basic energy of fear in the body. So that it can once again become what it is meant to be – a great force that is a completely natural part of us. It can make us clear, alert and alive. Because life is too short to be afraid of fear!

Support the body in self-healing!

Recognize the patterns behind it and learn to let them go, for long-term freedom from pain and well-being!

Pain is the body’s cry for attention! When something hurts, our attention is there, whether we want it to be or not. This is basically a wonderful function of the body, that it directs our attention – very insistently – to where there is a need for healing or action. Often the problem is then quickly solved by stepping off the sharp stone or taking your finger off the hot object. This prevents greater damage. But what if it hurts for longer and you can’t fix it immediately? Then we consciously and unconsciously want to distance ourselves from the pain, which doesn’t make the problem of why it hurts any better. In a car, we don’t just turn off the warning lights, we fix the problem.

If we engage with the body and its pain and do not work against it, the pain is very often perceived as less severe. The body wants all the energy and attention in the painful area. We create the best conditions for it to do so, then it can heal much more easily and quickly. If we learn to stop the harmful routines and patterns that have led to our pain, we will achieve freedom from pain and well-being in the long term.

Our body is efficient –
it is the door to our potential and well-being!

One-on-one sessions

Individual sessions are focussed work on your individual goal, which we work on together. One of my main tools is touch, as a direct language with the body.

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Online session

You don’t live nearby or are only here temporarily? No problem! At the heart of the Grinberg Method is attention to the body. And it also works very well online.

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Achieve a lot in a short time? An Intensive is an intensive process over several days. Either because you are only in my area for a short time, or because you want to take a big step in a short time. Also possible online.

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Learning through the body also works in a group. The aim of the workshop is achieved primarily through exercises. And it’s often more fun together!

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The Me in the company

In professional life, you often struggle with personal hurdles. I can support you with both individual work and workshops.

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Be a musician

The life of a musician has special demands. In the body, in concentration, creativity and on stage. Here I can support you very efficiently with the Grinberg Method!

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