The body as a door to your own well-being.

The Grinberg Method® is the most efficient way to greater well-being and a more fulfilling life that I know.

It is an integrative, dynamic training of body awareness. Because your body knows what it needs to feel good. And it knows best, how to bring your individual potential into the world. Living this wisdom requires attention. Much of our pain and discomfort comes from how we use our bodies in our daily lives. Our recurring unconscious patterns are usually full of effort and limitations for the body. It puts up with a lot, but sooner or later it hurts… But we don’t feel how we create the pain or discomfort. We usually look for reasons on the outside. We bring attention to the experience in the body and explore the sources and connections that lead to the pain. The more we focus our energy and attention, the easier it is for your body to finally do what it wants to do – get back into balance and regenerate.

The body in all his aspects is the most direct door to the human being. Unlike our mind, it cannot lie to us and cannot fool us. Touch is the language that our body understands and I use it to communicate with the body and not to “treat” it. Guidance and instructions also help to bring our full attention out of our usual “loops” and into the physical experience. This allows new qualities and experiences that we normally “block”.