My past…no longer restricts me! Traumas can be digested and healed!

Our past has shaped us, but we are not the product of our past!

As learning beings, we literally soak up our environment as children – and even later. Our gait, our posture, our vocal melody – many things resemble our family. However, this is not genetic, but only unconsciously copied. Role models, teachers and friends are also often copied. But we also adopt moods, attitudes, opinions and attitudes without realizing it. That’s just the way it is. Like tinted sunglasses, if we wear them long enough, we no longer notice that we are looking through tinted glasses, the world is just like that. It is often drastic experiences that shape us. For example, we have been betrayed and conclude that it is better not to trust anyone. Sometimes intense feelings remain in us after a traumatic experience. For example, fear after an accident, anger or despair.

We often get in our own way and often make ourselves ill. Our body wants to be able to be itself, without the old baggage!

We can learn to break out of old loops! Split-off, “undigested” aspects and feelings can be released by bringing them into a focused experience.

The body cannot lie! The mind does it all the time. The body is the most efficient door to our history, because it does NOT lie to us. Our mind is constantly playing around with our memory, whether we like it or not. It interprets, mixes what we have told with what we have experienced, etc. In addition, the mind can only remember a fraction of what we have stored in our bodies as experiences.

The aim is not to understand the past, but to let go of what still restricts us today!