At peace with my feelings! Using feelings as a resource.

Nature is efficient, if our feelings were useless, we wouldn’t have them!

Many of our feelings are unpopular – fear, anger, jealousy… we have to make a lot of effort not to feel them when they are there. Many things have been taken away from us. In our culture, for example, many women become desperate when they are actually angry. They have not learned to use anger and rage constructively. But all these feelings actually have a use. We react with them, we are in resonance with the world. We need our anger, for example, to set ourselves apart from something or to assert ourselves in certain situations. But we very often push them away. And then like a pressure cooker, we explode in situations where it is not necessary.

If we learn to physically experience our feelings again through the body, without criticizing and interpreting them, we can integrate the power in the respective feelings and use it for ourselves. Then we can learn to feel again how it authentically fits the situation, without bringing old emotional baggage into the here and now.