Personal freedom – freeing oneself from limiting conditions.

Personal freedom means that I can be and react in the moment in the way that best suits my full potential. And this is not always the same and certainly not preconceived. Most of the time, we react out of our patterns and routines. We believe we are like this and are content with it. For example, we try to avoid anything that could embarrass us or make us nervous. Or that we take our frequent bad moods for granted. Or that we firmly believe that we are not important and that nobody cares about our opinion. We also often simply accept physical conditions such as shortness of breath, dizziness and a shaky voice.

Humans are creatures of habit; we unconsciously and automatically repeat patterns from our past. We also often live under constant pressure to be something, to fulfill expectations. All of this limits us greatly.

Not only in what we do, but also in how we are, feel and think as we cope with the demands of life. We use ourselves, and therefore our bodies, in unconsciously recurring patterns and loops. We restrict our breathing in the same way, tense our muscles in the same way, are in the same stress level, feel the same moods again and again, and use our perception in the same way.

I can teach you to consciously feel, control and let go of your unconscious patterns in your physical experience. All the energy that you have invested in these efforts, often for years, is now freely available to you! And your body is smart enough to use it to heal and live your potential that was hidden by your patterns. New ways of feeling, thinking and doing come to the surface and your life becomes fresher and more like you want it to be.